The people who photograph me are the most patient people in the world. I'm terrible behind the camera. I laugh. I wiggle. I start talking right when the shutter clicks. I want do-overs during which I can't keep a straight face.

See what I mean?

The ultra-talented, hot-voiced, artistic Ann Rosenquist Fee is one of those patient saints. She agreed, on Saturday, to come over on Sunday to shoot me. Because I needed shots in a hurry to make concert posters for my "Irish Pub" Harp Concert in a hurry and...yeah...welcome to Amy Kortuem's sometimes really excellent concert planning skills.

And so she took up my digital camera and began. Scene setting, hot whiskey, 300+ photos and lots of deep artistic talk and laughter later, we were done. I loved the results.

But of course, there were outtakes. And I'm going to share them because I think sometimes the process of a person's art is just as (if not more) fascinating than seeing the final product without knowing that process. (And because I think they're really, really, really funny.)

Here was that process. Enjoy.

Here it comes...

...wait for it...

...laugh attack.

Totally hopeless.

 Ann: "Amy. Give me back the camera. Now."

Much better. Look at those blurry fingers. I'm shredding it.

Wait, how are my shoes? (I'm distracted by shiny things.)

Leaning on it.


Wait, how's my hair?

Wait, I need more lip gloss. Chanel #158 - Braise.

What's that you say?

You say there's whiskey on the table behind me?

Why, yes there is! There IS whiskey on the table behind me!
However did that get there?

 Now we're getting somewhere.

And...it's a keeper.

Thanks, Ann. I owe you. Just imagine what we could do with really good cameras.

And I hope everyone can come and see me play in person. I promise, no giggles (riiiight).


  1. God, I have some regrowth. I think I have to report this post as spam.

    1. NO. It was the lighting. And me not knowing how to set up my camera.

  2. Amy, I discovered your blog from Sion's at paris(imperfect). I love your blog! Maybe because I love harp music, and because your writing and photos are fun. Plus I saw that you had an Irish pub concert, and I'm part Irish (I like to say half, but I don't really know what percent, I just have Irish ancestry on both sides of my family). I am a very new blogger, and though I have had so much fun over the years reading others' blogs, I never knew how hard it was until I started my own (last month). Wondering if what I have to say is of any interest to others is the biggest obstacle. Anyway, great writing! Your photo session cracked me up :)

    Karene in SoCal