There’s always one thing

One thing that I just can’t get to in the course of a week, that is.

Does that ever happen to you? Like...

~ The house might be clean, but you just can’t make yourself empty the dishwasher.
~ The dishes might all be clean and put away, but you cannot, physically cannot, manage to fold the laundry.
~ The laundry might be all fresh-smelling and perfectly folded (fitted sheets in a perfect square? Mine are, thanks to being the daughter of Karen Kortuem, the Home Ec major), but vacuuming up the Harry hair (OK, this might not apply to you) floating around the floors would put you over the edge.

(Cats. Waiting for me to vacuum...)

And how do you handle it all? Or don’t you and then you just forgive yourself?

Please, please tell me!

Obviously, the thing this week for me was blogging. (Actually, there have been some towels languishing in the dryer, waiting to be folded, too, but anyway…)

And the saddest thing is that there’s really so much I want to talk about, to tell you, to share.


~ A wedding that took place 10 minutes into the official start of autumn.
~ A funeral and wedding in one day that both had big confusion about the same song (weird!).
~ A big epiphany I had about my outlook on life (I’ll tell you and you’ll probably say “duh!” but still…)
~ The latest in the “Do you play Canon in D?” saga
~ Cat pictures. Because they’re cold lately and don’t have full winter coats and are oh-so-snuggly and cute.

So. I haven’t disappeared. And now that the big freelance project I’ve been working on is (almost) done, the two-harp-playing-event weekends have turned to one-harp-playing-event weekends, I’ve vacuumed and I’ve actually unloaded the dishwasher, it’s time to blog again.

Please, stop in next week. I promise we'll get caught up then!


  1. having a clean house is overrated.

    1. It is, Mick. Until the cat hair is up to your knees...

  2. Oh my gosh I can so relate. Sometimes I think to myself, "Why don't you just do it? It will take you 10 minutes!!" but you just can't do it. I think that is life. There are always so many chores and so many things to do, that even the littlest thing can seem like such a CHORE. So, don't be too hard on yourself :)

    1. Thanks Jocelyn. You're so right - you just...can't. but I comfort myself with the idea that I'm saving my energy for what's important - right?

  3. Stuff like that I almost never think about...
    Do you hear the cats complaining,
    'Empty the dryer Gawd damn it!'
    why not use the dryer as a storage unit till you need it again
    For me the floor is a storage unit - books piled up and left till I need them - the bookcases are full.
    Tell us about yr exciting projects!!!

  4. Can you paste the cat hair back onto the cats?
    it's all about priorities
    Homeowning is not all it's cracked up to be
    it's why ppl get married - to have a dryer-emptier around

    1. Using the dryer as storage - that's what's happening right now!

  5. You could put the cats in there!
    No more cat hair!!! :O

    1. I've been tempted to just vacuum Harry instead of brushing him. Don't think I haven't been.

  6. The temps have taken a drop down here out East.
    Do you offer ship-a-cat services?

  7. I think you've gone more than a week now :)

    You can't do it all. Something has to give. Once I work and work out and write, there's not a lot of time to attend to the house. And you know what? I don't care. I don't compare my house to that of others. It might be someone else's priority, but it's not mine. I do care that my house is clean, and it is, but it's cluttered and messy if that makes sense.

    I would love to know how to fold fitted sheets, though!

  8. Oh I have those days almost every day! MY biggest thing is the putting clothes away. Poor Rick usually looks like a rag-a-muffin in his wrinkly shirts!