Mother's Day in the fairy garden

Mom told me that all she wanted for Mother's Day was for me to come out and help her in her fairy garden. It's a magical little corner of her garden she's carved out for miniature plants, a tiny cottage and all sorts of hidden sparkles. Come on in...

Careful where you step!

The fairies are waiting for you...

...to start dancing with them.

Follow the winding path.

Go under the arbor by the tiny blooming plant.

Leave your gardening tools by the door.

Sit a spell by the fountain, covered in mist.

Wait for the flowers to bloom.

(Don't mind the very large fairy planting trees.)

I hope your Mother's Day was filled with fun and magic, too!


  1. What a lovely post!!
    Very Alice in Wonderlandish...

  2. Sweet garden! It makes you want to spend time in it looking for magic.

    1. There's magic all around!

  3. Anonymous5/25/2012

    Hi Amy Happy Friday
    Love the writings and the pictures.What a beautiful place to visit. Your friend and co-worker Bob.